Roller Derby My New Life

End of Summer

It is that time again when school starts and traffic gets worse and summer is over even though it is still 90 degrees outside here in Houston.  When I was in school I used to love the change in seasons and the start of a new school year with all the possibilities.  Now that I have worked full-time for 32 years and my children are all grown and my grand-daughter is not old enough for school, this time of year is a nuisance instead of a new beginning.   School zones everywhere and traffic becomes a nightmare, I find it hard to think of this as a new beginning.  But I tend to get somewhat nostalgic and miss that feeling for a new start,  I miss that feeling and have found that Roller Derby somewhat helps with that.

I had a very busy summer and did a lot of different things but I was very glad to be home again and started my off skate training this week.  Rollercon has provided me with many tools to improve my experience on skates.  I would recommend it to anyone who wants to drown themselves in learning about derby.  I want as many people on my team to have that experience as possible.

1097708_4914586196976_1935555354_oYellow Rose at Spindletop

The next best thing is watching the WFTDA Championships.  It is very inexpensive and awesome to watch the best of the best compete in tournament play.  You can learn so much by watching.  We encourage our new girls to go to some live bouts and watch archives on WFTDA TV in order to get an idea of what it really is like.  I still love to watch as much as play. And if my husband lets me I get to hook up my computer to the 73″ TV and watch it on the big screen!  We will see how that works out this weekend.  I watch the division playoff that Houston Roller Derby goes to because it is the one where I know the team, having been a part of their recreational league for 3 years.  And then the Championships itself because it is such high level playing and just too cool to see.  I am hoping to get to attend one of these tournaments in the future.

We are currently working to schedule our bouts for next year!  I am so so excited and I am working hard to be able to play in as many of them as possible.  I have even been going to the chiropractor for adjustments to keep my pelvis aligned properly (apparently some of those falls can push things out of wack) and to keep my body in the best shape possible.

I am currently learning all about Advocare supplements to help with my stamina, and muscles and recovery.  Things are going really well in that department and I think I will be in great shape by the time we play next year.  I now consider myself a full fledge athlete and am taking my training very seriously.

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