Roller Derby My New Life

WOW! That just happened!

It has been a very very busy summer and I haven’t been home for a big majority of it.  Attending my first RollerCon in Las Vegas, and bouting in my very first inter-league bout have been the highlights of this summer for me.

First for RollerCon, it was an amazing experience!  Got to volunteer a bunch, take classes on skates and in the classroom.  I have learned so much, met so many really cool people and cannot really describe the experience adequately.  Took a class from Suzy Hotrod!! OMG!!! She is an awesome derby player, and teacher!  I got to watch the co-ed game between Riddell and Antiks.  Those players are amazing, doing things I have never seen before!

I will be spending the next several months trying to digest all the input from RollerCon and working to improve skills and knowledge.  Also trying to pass on all this information to my team!

Now for the best first thing I have ever experienced!! (maybe overkill but it feels like it) my very first bout!  Yellow Rose Derby Girls played against Spindletop Roller Girls in Beaumont TX last night.  Although we did not win the bout, we played hard, kept the score reasonably close and scored over 100 points!  I am so proud of my team mates, Captain Nawty, Co-Captain Leaches, bench coaches, NSO’s, Zebra’s, and everyone that came out to watch us play!

I am beyond tired, sore and generally feel like sleeping for a week!  I have so much I want and need to work on.  We all have  new appreciation for the need for some intensive training and practicing and have gotten highly motivated to do so!  Every single person on our roster worked hard and played the best they could and I am so proud of all us!  Am also very anxious to watch the films and see what we did and how to improve.  Watch out Derby world, here come the Yellow Rose Derby Girls!!

Melody Kool

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