Roller Derby My New Life

The Year of Firsts Part Two

This journey is not one I planned or expected but it is here. We had our first Texans home game (Sep 11) with the season passes. I took Chris (my son) and our nephew and niece, Jesse and Nat White. We honored and celebrated Bobby with tequila shots, beer and food. It was a hard and wonderful day. Texans games were his passion, he loved to go and support his team no matter how they did. Even when I pushed his wheel chair all the way to our section and helped him to our seats, he was happy to be there. It was hard sitting in his seat but I did it, only had one break down that I remember lol (a little too much alcohol). It was good for all of us.

It has turned into a very busy couple of months. I had a NSO clinic and scrimmage in Conroe with my Yellow Rose Derby Girls and then the Twins and I had a Hocus Pocus watch-a-thon. That was so much fun. Getting together with my family is the best thing for my sadness. The second home game was Oct 2nd and I thought I might have to go alone as my nephew and wife were in out of the country. My bestie stepped in and went with me since I was having a panic about going alone. Although Chris would go with me also, I didn’t want to make him feel like he had to go. It was a first I was not prepared to have yet. It has been hard to find people to go to the games since COVID and they aren’t playing so well either. Bobby would be so sad for that but I am working to keep up the tradition of going to the games as much as I can. Everything is so strange and different and I am not looking forward to the holidays.

We had our only Roller Derby game for this year and I played and had an absolute blast. I was tired for 3 days but it was so worth it. Bobby is up there telling me “I told you so”, cuz I thought I would stay retired but I need this in my life right now. With working winding down and having to go on a job hunt soon is sad and I just don’t know what God has planned for me going forward from all this. I am keeping the faith though because otherwise I would be a basket case.

I went to dinner and shopping with my bestie and spent money I probably shouldn’t have but I had such a good time it was worth it. My friends and family know how to keep me hopping. We have a Halloween party this Saturday and I am so excited about it. Theo may have to stay home alone so I am not real happy about that but he does so well now and I just feel guilty leaving him alone. He is so good for me. I try to take him on walks twice a day and to the park on one day of the weekend but sometimes we don’t make it.

We went to the cemetery for the first time Oct 15 and had everyone over to hang out for awhile and just enjoy each others company. We are going to be working on getting his marker done as soon as we can because it was not fun trying to remember where he was since they don’t leave any kind of marker for you.

Well as October wound down and Halloween was a blast with a party on Sat with my family and friends and dressing up was fun! I went with the grands and their friends walking their neighborhood on Halloween night. They had so much fun, and I remember all the times we (Bobby and I) would come and walk with them. It was a good night.

November came fast and we all worked to get ready for the Thanksgiving day festivities. I learned that my last day of work would be 12/31/2022. I also discovered that I could retire and be fine. It took me a while to wrap my head around that idea as I was so set on working until I was 65. It didn’t take too long to figure out how much I would love retiring. I am so happy with this decision and so is the family. This has been along time coming and although it was supposed to be me and husband, now it is me and Theo. With work winding down it is giving me a glimpse into what it will be like to be retired.

And then the Astos won the world series. It was awesome for them to do that and we were all very happy and excited. I did not go to the parade as I had to work (no vacation for me) and crowds like that make me anxious. But I did buy a shirt that I still haven’t gotten yet. Anyway, it has been a full month of things to do. After Thanksgiving we went on Saturday and ordered the grave marker for Bobby. I am very pleased with what we picked out and can’t wait to see it. That will be awhile and that is perfectly ok. Most of the rest of the big firsts will be in December. I will navigate that as well as I can with love and grace.

Have a blessed Holiday season.

Gina AKA Kool

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