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Back on the Track

Hello everyone!! I am finally back to skating and looking to clear for contact very soon. I know I was only sick but I wanted to take my time and come back when I was ready.  There was a bit of fear of going back too fast and making myself sick again. Also, the mental part and anxiety over not being able to breath.  That was the scariest thing I have ever experienced and do not want to have it happen again.

The other part of this whole thing is that I can not feel very well but you cannot tell by looking at me or talking to me.  I don’t have the same amount of energy and just a long day of working can wipe me out.  However, even that is getting much better.  So it is time to get back to full contact and strength training and I am going to start running. Well, jogging at a very slow pace is running to me but it should help with the anxiety about my breathing.

I am super pleased to be a part of this group of awesome ladies working along side me to get back to playing in games.


Thanks to Diana Harrington (Duck) with “WhatTheDuckDesigns” on Facebook. She does such awesome work for out league and others in the Houston area.

 We worked our butts off Wednesday night working on the basic skills that still need perfecting. I have not forgotten about the goals I have for myself this season, I am just getting off to a slow start.
Here is rundown of what I am doing to better my health and ability to do this Roller Derby thing.  First, I read everything I can find on COPD and educate myself to understand exactly what I am dealing with. And yes, I realize there is bad information out there too so I talk to my Dr and ask questions. There is also some very good information.  Next I joined a FB support group. It has been so helpful to talk about things I experience that others completely understand. And you know for sure that you are not alone in this struggle.
The third thing is eating correctly and how important nutrition and a source of supplementing with vitamins and minerals. I realized that signs of vitamin and mineral deficiency were apparent around June of last year. My fingernails became thin and weak and tore off easily. The cough from sinus infections would not completely go away. I was content to sit on the couch and do nothing when I wasn’t working or skating. My recovery time almost doubled after practices and games. I was using an inhaler long after I was over bronchitis in late 2015 when I did endurance training and at the games all last year. I knew these things were going on but it never occurred to me that the COPD diagnosis was coming.
That is the problem with this disease, and lung diseases in general.  There are not any identifiable symptoms in the really early stages of them.  I am currently right between Stage 2 and 3. The good news is I can take care of myself and still stay fairly healthy for along time.  I am getting back to my training and overcoming the fear of not being able to breath.  If nothing else, I hope that people that read this will pay closer attention to the subtle hints your body gives you regarding your health.
After my practices, I have been taking an after workout recovery drink and all the vitamins every day now.  I was sporadic doing that because of swallowing all the pills, but I would rather take supplements than prescription medications so it is worth the hassle.  I am on a schedule with the inhalers so I just added the supplements to my daily routine. It is nearly impossible to get the nutrition you need from food alone these days.
So, in April I should be playing my first home game, so come out and cheer me and my team Clutch City Crushers on to a victory. See you on the track!!!

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