Roller Derby My New Life

Elation to Deflation

I did it, I skated in the bout uh game, I will never get used to that change, on Saturday. I was in 28 jams, wow, that was the most awesome time of my life. I had a some penalties that I would like to not get but having been out there so much I was able to get some real game experience.

Sore shoulder and all I am so glad to have that opportunity to skate with the YRDG Killer Bees and to bring in a win. We have worked hard to get where we are and have set our sights on just growing more and more in experience.

I will be watching my Bees play on Sep 7th as I did find out that I have a tear in my rotator cuff that I am going to see a surgeon about on Sep 10th. And that is the deflation part of this blog, I am so disheartened to have to stop and deal with an injury. I know it comes with the territory but it is still very hard to accept and deal with.

I was truly blessed to be able to play that last game and to play more than I ever have so I will take that elation with me into the abyss of injury and recovery. I hope to able to come back full force for next season and that will be my goal for this off-season.

Another goal is to stay in shape and continue to eat properly, it is so very easy to give into the depression and comfort eating, that I will have to fight this very hard. One really good way is to continue to go to practices and help as I can or work on my BOD duties.  It is important to stay connected to the team and be right there with them while you recover.

I am now 4 weeks since surgery and have been back to practices as a spectator several times now. It is very ha hard to just watch. I’m unable to do much south my arm yet so it is hard to help, not to mention the pain that I still have. PT is going good so I am taking it one day at a time.

Recovery is hard but I am hanging in there. Until next time!

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