Roller Derby My New Life

Life Just Happens!

WOW! It is August and I have been so busy I have not taken even a moment to write. And where to start, oh my. The number one life event is becoming a grandmother again. My 2nd grandchild was born on July 6, 2014, Justin Alexander Shipley. What a joy what a blessing.

He has an older sister who is now 3 and smart as a whip and loves her Justin! My husband and I are so very, very blessed and Life could not be better.

I was honored to get to skate with the Yellow Rose Derby Girls All Stars for the first part of this first season and also with the Killer Bees. I am currently skating for the Killer Bees since mid-season try outs and I am thrilled to get to skate. Our next bout is August 23rd and I will be out there working hard for my team!

I have had some set backs with an injured shoulder but I plan to skate out the season and then do what needs to be done to fix it. After October I will be only training and staying in shape to get ready for next season and next try outs. Since I have stayed away from contact so I can play in the games, I have had the pleasure of teaching our newbies, who we lovingly refer to as Rose Buds. LipStick asked me to help her out and I have had a blast doing it. It is exciting and fun to watch the Rose Buds learn and develop over the first 6 weeks. I have gotten so much out doing this that I am seriously considering studying coaching so that I may contribute to my league when I have to retire from competition. Make no mistake, I will go into retirement from competition as a skater, kicking and screaming NO I’M NOT READY YET!!

That being said, I know that day will come and when it does, I will want to teach as many people as possible to skate and compete in this sport.  I have watched so many changes and so much growth in the short time that I have been invloved with roller derby, it has been overwhelming at times.  My hope is that it continues to grow and everyone gets an opportunity to participate in a team sport and truly learn what it means to be a TEAM.

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