Melody Kool is a member of the Yellow Rose Derby Girls. She is also Supervisor of Actualization/Inventory Analyst at Midcoast Energy, a wife and mother and a Grandmother to Katelynn and Justin and surrogate Grandmother to Maddy and Emily and Paul. She loves to read, play golf, swim, write, and most of all play roller derby every chance she gets! She is into fitness and loves make up.

She loves AdvoCare products and uses them for all her roller derby training. In November 2016, she was diagnosed with COPD, Chronic Bronchitis and possible Emphysema. It has been a life altering change and still trying to adjust and stay healthy and active.

Check out her life blog which is her writing outlet!

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Melody- I was unable to find a contact address to reach you at!

    Happy Friday:)

    My name is Kristen and I am part of the WEGO Health team. We have a new opportunity for the COPD community and I thought I’d share.

    We are currently seeking 3 patients within the COPD Community to share their COPD experience via video storytelling. These videos will be included within digital social media outlets.

    Patient Leaders should be able to speak about:

    -Diagnosis and stages of acceptance and education
    -Engagement with family/caregivers to help them understand this condition
    -Experience with pulmonary rehab and knowledge of breathing exercises
    -Day-to-Day tips and tricks for living with COPD

    These videos will be professionally produced. Depending on your location, your video may be shot in your home or at a studio in the mid-Atlantic area. Patient Leaders will be compensated for their time in recording these videos.

    Interested? Complete this screener survey to find out if you qualify for this paid opportunity: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/IMCOPDEM1?spMailingID=19075672&spUserID=NDM5NTYzOTA1NDAyS0&spJobID=1201533698&spReportId=MTIwMTUzMzY5OAS2

    Thank you!! Feel free to email me with questions kristenl@wegohealth.com.


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