Who is Melody Kool?

I have had a few people ask me about how I got my derby name.  It was actually my husband who made the suggestion.

I have known all my life that I was adopted and that my first name had been Melody.   Since I was 2 When I was adopted, my parents were asked to pick out their own name for me and so I was renamed Gina after my dads Italian heritage.   Since I never had any nicknames (that can be mentioned here) it was a cool name for starters.  And one I should recognize when hearing it.

The next part was taken from a song by Prince, Melody Cool, my absolute favorite artist of all time.   I purposely changed the spelling so as not to infringe on any copyrights.  The song is not one of his big hits but is a good one. I use music notes as my symbol to go with my derby name, although I’m not sure people get it.

I find it very interesting how and why derby names are chosen. It can say so much about the person. I have personally had to overcome myself to evolve into this alternate persona and it has been a blast creating her! So as you newbies consider you derby persona think about it and choose what is your alter ego and have Fun!!! See you on the derby track!!